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David L. Rocker brings more than 30 years of executive experience in corporate finance and workflow optimization to his current role as managing partner of the Rocker Group, LLC. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, The Rocker Group is a management consulting firm specializing in analytics, compliance and planning.

Is PTSD A Cultural Disease?

The dangers of war can never be underestimated, and they affect all veterans in a variety of ways. While an unfortunate number of combat vets return home with physical injuries, it is the mental ones which remain unseen that can cut the deepest. We have perhaps become used to the sight of veterans who have [...]

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Five Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Veterans

Five Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Veterans   When you think of famous military vets, the people who come to mind are most likely well-known for what they achieved while they wore the uniform. People like Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, or Colin Powell might be among the names that come to mind. However, we can’t [...]

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Now Isn’t The Time For Cuts To Veteran’s Benefits

This year’s proposed Federal budget has been a great source of controversy, making news in every corner of the country. Overshadowed by some of the more attention-grabbing aspects are meaningful cuts to benefits for disabled elderly veterans.  While it’s true that this new budget will increase overall funding to the Veterans’ Affairs department, the prospective [...]

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Improving Health Issues Affecting Female Veterans

The unique health needs of female veterans are often overlooked in both military policy and public conversation. While veteran’s health is a frequent topic in the national discourse about health care, the level of care given to women too often falls short. Department of Veteran’s Affairs-run hospitals frequently lack sufficient services tailored to women, especially [...]

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Helping veterans: finding jobs in the tech industry after serving

Today, there is a vital interest in integrating veterans back into the fabric of society after experiencing the hardships of war. As veterans come home from duty, they seek to re-establish stable, productive, and healthy lives in the workforce. Oftentimes, veterans suffer from a lack of direction and training as they re-assimilate back into the [...]

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5 Military Initiatives to Better Serve Female Veterans

Currently, armed veterans make up 21.3 million of the population in the United States, but just 10% of them are female. However, women are the fastest growing cohort within the veteran community. The male veteran population is expected to decrease to 16.7 million as the female veteran population continues to steadily increase by 2020 and [...]

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5 Innovative U.S. Military Visualizations

If you want to build or create something for U.S. Armed Forces, you'll probably be asked to create some sort of visualization or chart to demonstrate how your product works and addresses an unmet military need. In a piece published on Medium, writer Paul Ford admits his biggest obsession: trolling the internet for the most esoteric military [...]

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U.S. Military Uniforms, Through The Years

From home-sewn rags to spit-and-polish boots, woolen overcoats and camo fatigues, U.S. military uniforms have changed a lot throughout the years. In over 240 years of military history, uniform choices for U.S. soldiers have changed dramatically, evolving in tandem with new fashion and technology. Our Armed Forces continue to tweak and make improvements to uniforms, [...]

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Dave Rocker: Working Animals Who Serve Our Country

A federal hiring freeze imposed by President Trump on Monday has drawn criticism from veterans who say the temporary hiring freeze will unduly burden the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans — who comprise 31 percent of the federal workforce — are disproportionately affected by the moratorium. House and Senate Democrats have requested that the Department be [...]

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