Is PTSD A Cultural Disease?

The dangers of war can never be underestimated, and they affect all veterans in a variety of ways. While an unfortunate number of combat vets return home with physical injuries, it is the mental ones which remain unseen that can cut the deepest. We have perhaps become used to the sight of veterans who have [...]

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Five Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Veterans

Five Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Veterans   When you think of famous military vets, the people who come to mind are most likely well-known for what they achieved while they wore the uniform. People like Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, or Colin Powell might be among the names that come to mind. However, we can’t [...]

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Now Isn’t The Time For Cuts To Veteran’s Benefits

This year’s proposed Federal budget has been a great source of controversy, making news in every corner of the country. Overshadowed by some of the more attention-grabbing aspects are meaningful cuts to benefits for disabled elderly veterans.  While it’s true that this new budget will increase overall funding to the Veterans’ Affairs department, the prospective [...]

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Improving Health Issues Affecting Female Veterans

The unique health needs of female veterans are often overlooked in both military policy and public conversation. While veteran’s health is a frequent topic in the national discourse about health care, the level of care given to women too often falls short. Department of Veteran’s Affairs-run hospitals frequently lack sufficient services tailored to women, especially [...]

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Helping veterans: finding jobs in the tech industry after serving

Today, there is a vital interest in integrating veterans back into the fabric of society after experiencing the hardships of war. As veterans come home from duty, they seek to re-establish stable, productive, and healthy lives in the workforce. Oftentimes, veterans suffer from a lack of direction and training as they re-assimilate back into the [...]

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5 Military Initiatives to Better Serve Female Veterans

Currently, armed veterans make up 21.3 million of the population in the United States, but just 10% of them are female. However, women are the fastest growing cohort within the veteran community. The male veteran population is expected to decrease to 16.7 million as the female veteran population continues to steadily increase by 2020 and [...]

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Dave Rocker: Rio 2016: Vets Compete on U.S. Paralympic Team

The 2016 Paralympic Games drew to a close last weekend. Sunday’s closing ceremonies in Rio paid homage to cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad, a member of the 2016 Iranian Paralympic Cycling Team, who died last week after crashing his bike during a race. The tragedy in Rio was felt acutely within the community of Paralympic athletes, and marred an otherwise joyous and celebratory two-week [...]

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Dave Rocker: For Vets in Need of Healing, Novel Treatments for Depression and PTSD

While introducing the Experimental Medicine Initiative at a recent conference, Thomas Insel, the director of National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), criticized both antidepressant medications and psychotherapy for their high rates of failure. Insel says the currently available interventions for mental illness are “woefully inadequate” and is frustrated by a “lack of progress” when it comes to [...]

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Dave Rocker: Why We Should Talk About Mindfulness During National PTSD Awareness Month

June is National PTSD Awareness Month. According to a comprehensive study done by the RAND Corporation, at least 20% of America’s armed forces veterans who have fought in either Afghanistan or Iraq suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or depression. With the number of veterans of these recent wars at more than 2.7 million, [...]

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