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410, 2017

Is PTSD A Cultural Disease?

The dangers of war can never be underestimated, and they affect all veterans in a variety of ways. While an unfortunate number of combat vets return home with physical injuries, it is the mental ones [...]

408, 2017

Five Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Veterans

Five Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Veterans   When you think of famous military vets, the people who come to mind are most likely well-known for what they achieved while they wore the uniform. People [...]

1707, 2017

Now Isn’t The Time For Cuts To Veteran’s Benefits

This year’s proposed Federal budget has been a great source of controversy, making news in every corner of the country. Overshadowed by some of the more attention-grabbing aspects are meaningful cuts to benefits for disabled [...]

1107, 2017

Preventing Veteran Suicide with Community Programs

Our veterans are such a symbol of strength for this country that when we hear the troubling truth about the high incidence of suicide among returning troops, it can seem implausible. The fact is that [...]

2006, 2017

Improving Health Issues Affecting Female Veterans

The unique health needs of female veterans are often overlooked in both military policy and public conversation. While veteran’s health is a frequent topic in the national discourse about health care, the level of care [...]

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