Today, there is a vital interest in integrating veterans back into the fabric of society after experiencing the hardships of war. As veterans come home from duty, they seek to re-establish stable, productive, and healthy lives in the workforce.

Oftentimes, veterans suffer from a lack of direction and training as they re-assimilate back into the private sector. One emerging field where veterans have an opportunity for training and hiring is the tech industry. High tech is permanently improving our lives, but there are many ways it can include hopefully the lives of working veterans.

However, it has become harder to find and retain talent in the tech industry, as a CTA survey of 300 tech executives reports 86% of the execs need more employees with technical skills, but 70% can’t find these kinds of employees. Tech companies have now discovered the gap and the competitive edge to hiring, training, and retaining veterans.

In Need of Tech Talent

Veterans are perfect to be trained as tech professionals. Their military background allows them to quickly assess, analyze, and solve situations with available, and sometimes limited, resources while working hands-on with a diverse team. Veterans are also great at creating a diverse and active workforce which expands the way IT professionals think about problems, especially under pressure. Many companies seek these traits in recruitees. As of 2016, the unemployment rate for male veterans was reported at 4.2%, while the rate for female veterans was 5% and changed little. As the focus for veteran employment increases, exciting initiatives and programs are seeking to make an impact. Here are some initiatives that are offering opportunities for veterans in the tech world:

Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA)

One program currently utilizing the talent of veterans is Microsoft. The first-of-its-kind IT education program provides veterans transition from military to civilian life. Hundreds of veterans have utilized the academy and it offer training IT careers and also guarantees participants interviews for full-time careers as Microsoft. Nearly 30 percent of graduates garner jobs at the company while others find positions at other leading tech companies like Amazon, Dell, Accenture, Facebook, and the Department of Defense. Its programs offer three specializations: Server & Cloud Administrator, Database & Business Intelligence Administrator and Cloud Application which can be completed in 18 weeks. Read more about their twelve locations here!


Many times, veterans already have experience with complex technological devices. They offer the capacity for fast learning, leadership, and intuitive knowledge. VetsinTech is an organization that supports current and returning vets with re-integration services and connects them to the national technology ecosystem. Tech-specific resources, training, network and various programs offer vets the empowerment for education, entrepreneurship, and employment! Classes offered center around tech in various sectors including law, business, marketing, and finance.

Sandboxx Military Social Network

The app Sandboxx is a veteran-focused initiative that aims to ease their experience back into society. Global firms like Betts Recruiting have also joined the media company to empower vets to enter the tech industry and demonstrate their critical skills to potential employers. Betts will assist by offering consulting for job interviews. They’ll also work with managers and potential employees to find the perfect career placement. Already, they have solidified veteran-specific partnerships with tech companies like Dynamic Signal, MuleSoft, and Everstring to recruit veterans as part of their sales teams where employees can make up to $65,000 to $85,000 and starting at $120,000 for leadership positions.

Providing veterans with opportunities in the tech industry can help bolster the impact on society, but also offer stable work for discharged servicemen and women who are displaced and unemployed. While the future of stable government initiatives for veterans may be put on hold pending new budget regulations, we must remember the impact that veterans have on our safety and how we can best integrate them into all aspects of society.